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Comet Scooter
comet scooter
For a safe, controlled drive
With its large wheels, a powerful motor and adjustable suspension system in both the front and rear of the chassis, the Invacare Comet simply invites adventure. The Comet is equipped with an electronic turning speed reduction feature, ensuring safe, comfortable manoeuvres at all times. Intelligent electronics offer a visual and audio signal when the batteries need recharging. The unique lighting system includes an easily visible DUAL-bulb headlight, automatic indicators and an integrated heavy-duty brake light for safety.

Enjoy speed, enjoy support
Offering high speeds and a large battery capacity, the Comet will take you further, faster. The Comet easily tackles uneven terrain and obstacles giving you the peace of mind and ability to go anywhere and everywhere.

Compact for convenience
Ergonomic handles help you execute precise manoeuvres in tight spaces and offer relief to hands and arms during longer trips. The adjustable tiller lever is positioned opposite the handbrake and is within easy reach. A soft, swivelling seat offers an optimal driving position and allows you to move around and enjoy activities while seated. A two-step disengaging lever protects the scooter from free-wheeling if accidentally knocked out of drive mode.

Simplicity and ease of use
Using only quality components not only makes the Comet reliable, but easy to service. Simply remove the top cover to access batteries, electronics, motor and cables. The motor and electronics are protected from corrosion and water (splash protection) which safeguard the vital workings of the scooter against dirt and water preventing any unnecessary malfunction.
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