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Strider Midi 4D - MD4DBL
Strider Midi 4D
The Strider Midi 4 has been specifically designed with the end user’s requirements in mind. Particular attention has been paid to styling, safety, comfort and ease of use.

With a Captains seat for ultimate comfort, front and rear lights included, the Midi 4D really does provide a quality driving experience.

The Midi 4D is surprisingly manoevrable for a medium sized scooter and with its large footboard space it allows plenty of room for comfort. Transportation has been made easy with a simple release pin dismantling system

Features available:
• Rotating, sliding Captain Seat - Achieve best driving position & safe entry / exit of scooter
• Extra foot space - For added comfort
• Exceptional turning ability – Easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces
• High mount Freewheel Lever as standard - for added safety
• 36ah batteries – giving the ability for the user to travel up to 32km(20 miles)
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