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Casa Med Maxi
Casa Med Maxi
Product Details
These unique bariatric beds with attractive design in natural beech meet all the requirements for our larger clients.
Our many years of experience from research and development in the field of special bed design are incorporated in these two bariatric beds. These beds were designed on the basis of this know-how and our customerís requirements.
The newly developed Casa Med Maxi and Casa Med Maxi Plus are characterised in particular by the reinforced frame components and sturdy side rails, and combine maximum stability with lightweight design.
The Casa Med Maxi is designed for client weights up to 250 kg.
The 4-section profiling mattress support and bed height adjustment are equipped with a powerful individual (Low-noise) motor systems.
Emergency lowering of the head section is facilitated by a 24 V rechargeable battery system and a quick-action bolt mechanism.
These new Bariatric beds are available in different bed widths designed to meet your requirements.
Casa Med Maxi and Casa Med Maxi Plus have been tested to the standards EN 1970:2000 and DIN EN 1970:2000-12, including MDS (Medical Service of German Health Insurers). Our homecare beds therefore meet the strict requirements of the homecare and nursing home sectors.
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